Bob PHP Compiler

PHP Source Code Protection, Native AOT Solution.

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Source Code Protection

By compiling PHP to Scheme, then to C, finally binary native,
BPC achieves 100% PHP source code protection.

PHP Native AOT

PHP scripts finally compiled to standalone executable or dynamic shared library.
No opcode, No Zend VM, just pure native binaries.

Robust Licensing Machine

Integrate with licensing, software can hardly be broken or bypassed.
Any such kind of trying will be time-consuming and rewardless.

Highly Compatible with PHP

BPC passed PHP phpt test cases, so you can simply develope with PHP,
compile and release with BPC.

Easy Deployment

Final output is ONE standalone executable or a few dynamic shared libraries,
deployment is so easy.

Easy Extension Development

BPC extension development is far more easier than that of PHP,
it is simply scheme code or c api calls.